Sansbury Medical Stair Lifts has been providing a wide variety of stairlifts for our clients since 1991. As mobility experts, we’ve worked hard to provide stairlift systems that work for your needs and take into account the physical restrictions of your home. But we always think we can do better for our customers.

We provide a range of available options that make the use of your stairlift more accessible, along with increased safety, comfort, and convenience.

Medical Stair Lift OptionsHinged Track 

In some homes, doorways are too close to the bottom of the staircase, and the end of the track can create an obstruction of the door. We’ve solved that problem by developing hinged tracks so that the tracks can be conveniently folded away at a moment’s notice. With powered hinges, the touch of a switch will raise or lower the track automatically.

Slide Track

We realized that the standard hinged tracks simply won’t work for every house. The slide track is slightly shorter than the length of your staircase. As you begin to travel up the staircase, the track travels with you. It will reach the top of the stairs before the stairlift and stop while your stairlift continues. When the stairlift reaches the top, you can safely dismount. While coming downstairs, the track travels with you to allow a smooth dismount at the bottom. Safety sensors will halt the track if it encounters an obstruction.

Medical Stair Lift Options 2Body Harness

Need a little extra support? The curved design of our body harness makes it more comfortable to wear, and each harness comes with adjustable straps, allowing you to tailor it to your own comfort. Harnesses come in three sizes and are an option for several of our stairlift systems.

Medical Stair Lift Options 3Swivel Function

Once you arrive at the top of the stairs, we’ve made it safe to disembark by swiveling the seat. With the manual swivel option, you’ll find a handle on either side of your seat, allowing you to swivel it around and securely lock it in place. With the powered swivel option, you simply hold the toggle or joystick when you arrive at the top of the staircase. The seat will automatically move upon activation. If you need an emergency release, our powered swivels also feature a manual override.

Medical Stair Lift Options 4Stowing Your Stair lift

To increase your available space, the seat and footplate can be folded, leaving your staircase clear for other users. Manual footplates feature an easy-fold mechanism that minimizes the strength needed to move. Powered footplates can be designed to either fold out or in using a switch in the seat arm, or fold automatically when the seat is folded or unfolded.

Sansbury Medical Stair Lifts is committed to helping you create the stair lift system that fits your needs. For more information about stair lift installation or to schedule a free consultation, contact us online or by phone today.