At Sansbury Medical Stair Lifts, we’re dedicated to providing Staten Island and the surrounding areas with the best in stair lift technology. If your home has a straight staircase, we have four unique options to bring security back to your home. Click here to see our curved staircase lifts.

Stair lifts for Those with Lost Mobility

stair lift system that’s safe, practical, and reliableSimplicity >

As a stairlift system that’s safe, practical, and reliable, Simplicity is the clear choice for many homeowners. Because it provides a continuous charge function, it allows the lift to be parked anywhere on the track, and the battery will still charge. This system is compatible with both our slide-track and manual-hinge systems. Clip seat belts are standard, and the seat is covered with sand-colored upholstery made from easy-to-clean, flame-retardant fabric. Footplates and seat swivels are manually operated.

integrated safety with style stair liftSimplicity Plus > 

We’ve integrated safety with style, and the end result is Simplicity Plus. Like the Simplicity, it has a continuous charge function, and it features a choice of manual or powered swivel options and foldable footplates. The comfortable and attractive seat upholstery comes in six colors. Simplicity Plus is also compatible with our slide-track and manual-hinge systems. If doorways are located close to the bottom of the staircase, we can offer a number of methods for preventing obstructions.

top-of-the-line stair lift system1000 > 

All of the comfort and support you’ve come to expect from us is included with the 1000. This top-of-the-line system features optional powered swivels and powered footplates, along with the ability to fold itself away and park on its charge point when not in use. This ensures your staircase is always clear of obstacles and the lift can always charge. An anodized aluminum rail offers easy storage, and a choice of six colors allows the 1000 to stylishly integrate with your home decor.

1000 XXL stair lift for sale1000 XXL > 

When the ability to handle an extra workload is needed, the clear choice is the 1000 XXL. Designed to accommodate users up to 400 pounds, the highest available on the market, this system also has a powered swivel that makes turning the seat easier than ever to get in and out. It also comes with the choice of a manual or powered folding footplate. The super-slim anodized hidden rack track lets you maximize clear space on the stairs, and an XXL Velcro belt securely holds riders in place.

Every product we offer is backed by a two-year manufacturer’s warranty covering parts, as well as a limited lifetime warranty covering the motor and gearbox. For additional safety, each of our stairlifts comes with safety sensors located on both the power pack and footplate. If your lift encounters an obstruction, it will stop immediately. Once stopped, it can only be moved in the opposite direction of the obstruction. Plus, every stair lift has an easily accessible key switch. This allows you to easily disable the lift and prevent unauthorized use.


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