Caring For Seniors

The holidays are a favorite time of year for most people. Thanksgiving is an opportunity to reflect upon all the blessings of the year with family and friends. Christmas is a time to exchange gifts and celebrate the good times of the year. New Year’s is a time to welcome in a new season full of hope and opportunities.

Yet, for some, including seniors, the holidays can be a lonely time of year. Loved ones could be gone. Extended family may be busy. The weather keeps many seniors homebound, zapping energy and vivaciousness from life.

Sansbury Medical Stairlifts sells and installs stairlifts (or lift chairs) for seniors. A stairlift can be a curved stairlift or a straight stairlift or even a vertical lift typically used in an outdoor space such as a porch or patio. Below are three tips in part one of our series for helping seniors stay active and full of life during the holiday season.


  1. Check in on seniors frequently. Depression tends to keep seniors locked up in their homes, alone and not wanting to go anywhere. Call or text seniors in your family regularly. Ask them how they are doing. Invite them to do errands with you, even the mundane tasks such as going to the grocery store or the bank. Just getting seniors out in the fresh air will revive their soul and remind them life exists outside their four walls.
  2. Visit seniors regularly. Sometimes it can be difficult to convince the seniors in your life to do anything with you. In that case, make it a point to set aside time to visit seniors in your life for a bit. Make a special holiday cake or pie and bring it over as an excuse to linger. Engage with seniors in their own homes, and they will be more likely to open up to you and talk to you about their problems.
  3. Help them stay connected to their friends and community. Often, seniors lose contact with their friends either due to mobility issues, lack of transportation, or lack of will. Help the seniors you know keep these vital relationships in their lives by offering to take them to their friends’ house, inviting their friends to family gatherings, or taking them to religious celebrations. Keeping the mind healthy is as vital as keeping the body healthy.

The holidays are about giving of yourself, your time, and your energy. A kind word, a smile, a small act can brighten someone’s day who is feeling as if he or she don’t matter much in this world (which we all feel at times).

Sansbury Medical Stairlifts is the Top Rated Local® stairlifts experts. With over 25 years of experience, Sansbury Medical Stairlifts offers the best rated stairlifts in Staten Island, New York. Our mission is to improve seniors’ mobility by providing the best home stairlifts and vertical lifts. We not only sell stairlifts, but we offer stairlift installation and stairlift servicing as well. If you’re a senior, or you know a senior who could use a chair lift to brighten their holiday season, contact Sansbury Medical Stairlifts today for your free estimate!